International Day of Happiness 2018: Article by Neeraj Sharma, Senior Director- HR, FourKites


Author: Neeraj Sharma, Senior Director- HR,

An associate spends 8 to 10 hours or
more of his productive day at work through his life time. Her/his happiness
quotient is therefore largely determined by her /his experience of being at the
workplace and there are several factors that contribute directly to that
quotient. Here below are the most prominent ones.

The ownership – the spirit of “This is
My Company” comes on top of the list and initiatives where end to end of
business responsibility is given to the associate, enlivens this spirit. Where
the buck comes and stops at you and you are responsible to take decisions that
impact the business is a very strong differentiator between the also runs.

My ideas matter – also lends to the
spirit of ownership. Where one’s ideas receive a response- that they qualify to
be actioned at the current stage of maturity of the business or need to be
deferred to another point of time motivates a professional to keep their
creative juices flowing and increases the possibilities by innovation,

Being able to share the context of the
business and why certain priorities are more compelling than others ensures a
continuous stream of clarity and professionals gain tremendous insights and
mature faster when the organization choses this level of transparency as the
ways of working.

Where organizations have a process to
ensure that they follow the evolving aspirations of associates as they
contribute and grow the business and are able to build circles of opportunities
either directly meeting those aspirations or in related areas, keeps the
associates focused on their department goals instead of veering away to what
competition may have to offer. And where the aspirations evolve to a point
where the organization cannot accommodate a role, to gracefully communicate
that out and seek the associate’s patience within an acceptable time frame to
address these aspirations earns the organization only more respect and loyalty
of the associates.

An organization that is constantly
able to build a culture of respect for the individual and whose core values are
practiced at the highest level of striving lends to adaptability of associates
in testing times when external factors may not be as favorable. The mission and
purpose of the business add to enrolling associates and stay united in
challenging times.

Technology and methodologies can only
take an organization up to a certain state of leadership -it is the culture and
the values that sustain the leadership and even more when the associate’s
culture and values match or resemble that of the organization.

Recognition in both monetary and non-monetary
forms also contributes, significantly, to the happiness quotient of an
associate. Recognition by way of association, like minded communities within
the corporation, diversity of roles, benefits that are inclusive of the
associates family and the society at large, spot recognitions, unbiased
performance feedback, constant calibration of total rewards against competition
yields higher productivity and retention.

best days are ahead of us. My favorite poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert

Neeraj Sharma , Senior Director- HR, FourKites