International Day of Happiness 2018: Article by Godwin Pinto, Business Head at CMSS


Author: Godwin
              Business Head at CMSS, Creators of H#, an HR management suite

Talking about ‘How organizations can
create a Happy Workplace’, one cannot miss the functions of an HR based
chatbot. The revolution in the human resource management has already begun and
last year it has gained a lot of momentum in this space, with several functions
being eased by Bots. Organizations have realized that the advantage of
conversations to engage humans with HCM have been more responsive compared to
traditional methods of form interactions.

The HR Bots take over the many simple
as well as complex functions of people management at an organization. The tasks
range from a humble reminder of introducing a new recruit to a difficult one
like issuing a termination letter, from managing leave calendars to encouraging
team culture within workmates on a particular project. As the new technology
swiftly replaces actual HR human force, the question remains ‘How are they
aiding in making workplaces happy?’

A bot or an app plugins wraps around
existing HCMs making them more friendly and engaging. The introduction of HR
bots, basically interfaces and allows employees to transact (apply leave,
expense, muster, etc), participate and be informed all at their own time and

Here is what chatbots such as HSharp
can do to make workplaces happy:

1) 24/7 Helpdesk assistance:

Times when HR helpdesk round the clock
for handling HR queries may not be available, employees can turn to their
HRBot. If at all there is an out of the box question, this can surely be passed
onto a live helpdesk agent, thus finding assistance wherever and whenever. Or
in the simplest of form it could be resetting the password for a particular
application, which if delayed can cause unnecessary stress to an employee
struggling to meet an urgent deadline. A Bot can be trained for such cases to
be handled in an automated way, ensuring queries are answered and hopefully,
deadlines are met.

2) Single point for all self-service

We all know how we crib and complain
about systems that compel us to navigate through myriad applications or fill
form with numerous fields to get a simple job done. But with an HRBot, a single
interface could be used to conduct various HR related transaction at a single-point
for all self-service transactions, ensuring easy and timely actions.

3) Transaction to Engagement

Let us admit it, it has happened with
all of us. We have lapsed meetings or have forgot names of the people with whom
we were to have meetings, or have missed carrying an important document to a
meeting, all because of absentmindedness. And there we wished, only if we were
reminded beforehand.

An HR bot is enabled with features
like schedules and reminders, so that an employee never misses an important
meeting. The bots invoke notifications for actions and reminder so that users
can act, keeping one on schedule. 

4) Simplification of Information

Employees often find going through
large HR policy documents tiring and time consuming, as usually in an effort to
maintain clarity, these documents may involve lot of content to cover
employee’s grade, band wise information, etc. Bots can simplify this
information  and act as a Policy expert
by showing and answering contents specific to user’s profile. It can be further
configured to answer specific questions like “How many maximum PL am I
eligible for in a year?” Thus keeping the information to-the-point and the
engagement more productive.

5) Understanding employee expectations

Due to its open ended conversation
format, employees bound to seek information which they may not be able to ask
the HR personnel directly. Although bots might not be trained to answer many
questions, but such queries help HR team to identify loopholes and bridge those
gaps with better policies and information. 

6) Timely Event notifications and

Ensure no employee ever misses their
training schedule or a fun event party at work, after all those are the
motivators. The HRbots ensure to send timely notifications and reminder for
events like training invites, birthdays and much more, so employees are
regularly updated and feel involved with all that’s work and fun.

Godwin Pinto, Business Head at CMSS