World Environment Day Interview: Aditya Kale, CEO, Airattix


interview is a part of the World Environment Day 2020 Interview Series. We
welcome views from environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on
present environmental challenges and request their innovative ideas to find
sustainable solutions to solve them.

Name: Aditya Kale
Organization: Airattix
Designation: CEO

Aditya Kale, CEO, Airattix
Aditya Kale, CEO, Airattix
ST: According to you what is the biggest
environmental threat in the world at present?
Aditya: Climate
change is one of the biggest problems we face int he world right now. Humans
for many years have exploited the resources of the planet for their own
ST: What do you think a common person can do to
help the environment?
Aditya: We
can make small changes in our daily lives which have a big impact on the
environment. Use less electricity, save water by closing taps when not in use
even while scrubbing soap on our hands washing and waste less food. Carbon
emissions can be controlled by walking, cycling and making ecological food
choices as well.
ST: What message do you have to the present and
future generations?
Aditya: To
the present generation, I would say that it is our duty to keep the plant green
and look after it to ensure our future generation have a better planet to live
on. For the future generation, I would advise that they consider living life
with basic comforts and not aspire for luxury as it may be unattainable
considering the way we are exploiting resources right now.
We all need to make an effort and that doesn’t
stop with generations. In fact, it begins with us and needs to continue for as
long as needed. COVID19 has been an eye opener in that sense, we’ve all stayed
in and the planet had gradually begun healing itself. I think we should take
that change very seriously and continue to reduce our exploitative use of
ST: What is the significance of ‘World
Environment Day’ at the present time?
Aditya: It
has a lot of meaning for one day but it only becomes relevant when every day is
environment day. We need to be conscious and give action to our thoughtful
intentions. Actions is the only thing that can save our planet and we need to
be united in this fight for survival.

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