International Day of Happiness 2018: Happiness at Workplace- First Step to Productivity


Author: Niket Sarvaiya, Co-founder & COO of Picostone

One of the etiquettes
at workplace is good communication with co-workers. This creates healthy work
relationships between them. The transparency, caring nature and kind
understanding among themselves make them team players. Happy teams are the core
to business success. There is a saying by Alexander Kjerulf – Chief Happiness
Officer – “
Most people chase success at
work, thinking that will make them happy. The truth is that happiness at work
will make you successful

We at Picostone feel
that a team being happy at workplace is just as important as getting job done
from them. We turn our office into a place where the team get lots done while
also having fun too. Happiness engages their brain effectively to creativity
and risk taking ability.
Hiring is the first step in
any company. At Picostone, whenever we sight an opening in a particular
department, we start hiring, and the hiring process is really a strong one.
Hiring a passionate member who is goal oriented gives a very strong team in
terms of the culture and the work profiles. The wavelengths match and that is
where the whole thing becomes fun and it’s all natural.
Work hard – Play hard – Reap hard

  • We believe that treating our
    team members as a family at work rather than employee – manager relationship
    creates positive vibes. We are all food lovers and we make sure that the lunch
    timings of the entire team are in sync. Like a family, we have our lunch
    together and that is where the joking, the fooling around and the fun happen.
  • A good rapport between the
    team members will be strong only when there is a magical effect at the
    workplace. We strongly adhere to this. We have a flat hierarchy system where no
    one is above or under. Well, a happy environment is all what that matters to
  • Encouraging fun at workplace
    inspires teams to take joy in their work which can reap enormous benefits.  To support fun, we have official team outings
    once every quarter and where everyone switches off from work and that is the
    time to relax, and regroup.

  • It’s a fact that having
    friends at work makes going to the office more fun. It helps create a sense
    that everyone are “in this thing together”. At Picostone, everyone in the core
    team is cross trained on other departments too. This has made the teams create
    among themselves a positive ambience around them. They are more willing to
    support fellow workers and to provide positive support and encouragement for
    group projects.
  • We also have a buddy system,
    where we create a team of two people with complementing skills, and they have
    an internal scrum daily at the start and the end of the day. The strict weekly
    reviews and trackers keeps the entire team aligned and targeted towards their
    KPIs. Everyone in the team is answerable rather than an individual.
  • We have an internal jury
    system where, if a plan is to be proposed by a particular department, the
    entire team other than the presenters are on the panel and have only one job –
    criticise the plan and find as many loopholes as they can. This ensures all
    perspectives are covered and multiple user test cases are covered as well.
The entire team is
really passionate about the space we are in. Creating a work environment that
is fun and happy is not easy. But the fact is that a happy team is more
productive than their unhappy peers. The common goal for us is creating smiles
at customer’s face; make them happy by providing the deliverables at the right

Niket Sarvaiya, Co-founder & COO of Picostone