‘Kids Say Cheese’ by Shikha Khanna specializes in capturing special moments of children while they are growing up


memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart-especially
as you grow up. It is the most precious time of a life.  Memory in childhood
is qualitatively and quantitatively different from the memories formed and
retrieved in late adolescence and the adult years. 
Say Cheese’ by Shikha Khanna specializes in capturing those special moments of
a child while they are growing up. They capture childhood moments by being
part of them. She began her love affair with child photography in her teens.

Shikha Khanna, Founder of Kids Say Cheese
ST Bureau: When did you decide to take
the path of ‘entrepreneurship’? 

Shikha Khanna: The
minute I passed out from the college and started this new stream of photography
in India in 2001, I realized it should be a company and from a freelancer I made
it into a company in 2005.
ST Bureau: Please tell us about your

Shikha Khanna: I
have studied from an international school based out of Melbourne called ICPP. 
realized that the Indian market needed photographers for families.

People were buying equipment but either did not have time or lack the knowledge
to create great pictures. I started this company to create that kind of a market
for families and schools.

ST Bureau: What opportunities do you see
in this sector?

Shikha Khanna: This
sector is full of opportunities. I have to take a photo of one family and the
entire friend circle wants it. This kind of photography is very precious to
families so they are ready to invest as they know these moments will pass and
these baby pictures will be priceless as in the later part of their life when
kids grow up.

ST Bureau: Did you face any challenge in
your entrepreneurship journey?

Shikha Khanna: Initially
yes!  People unlike today had not heard
of baby photography in fact there were very less women photographers. Building
trust in the world of men photographers was a bit of challenge at that time. I was
just 20 when I started and that too took some time for people to believe that a
young person like me can do it. I am glad today that there are a lot of young
women photographers in the market. People are more open to it now.

ST Bureau: What are your plans for next
2 years?

Shikha Khanna: Launching
another branch of “Kids say Cheese” in another city apart from Delhi. My next
choice is Bangalore.

ST Bureau: How do you motivate yourself?

Shikha Khanna: When
I see tears of joy in parent’s eyes when they see the photos or a baby who I
had photographed all grown up loving their photos that motivated me to create
and connect more and more.

Interviewed by Startup Terminal