International Women’s Day Interview: Prakshi Sharma, Creative Head & Designer, Prakshi Fine Jewellery


Name: Prakshi Sharma
Age: 28
City: New Delhi, India
Occupation: Creative Head & Designer, Prakshi
Fine Jewellery

ST: Please tell us briefly about you.
Prakshi: My Jewellery making
journey began as an ‘accidental love’ which instantly grew into me as a
compelling passion.  I have spent two years in New York City following my
dream where I was trained by the best in the industry.
followed my heart after completing bachelors in Economics, and then I pursued
my jewellery designing from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City. I
was exposed to international design aesthetics and sensibilities, and I
recognized the need and the market for chic and contemporary ready-to-wear,
fine jewellery in India. My education and upbringing exposed me to both Indian
and Western culture which magnificently encompasses in my each masterpiece. I
am a nature lover and want to discover the beauty embedded in it. Jewellery
designing is my passion and I harmonise my love with my passion.
has been my honoured to be awarded with the prestigious Best Bridal Jewellery
Design award for my design produced, by the industry leader Carolee. It was
also displayed at the renowned high street brand Bloomingdales abroad.
ST: Who is a woman that inspires you the most and why?

My mother
is my biggest inspiration, my most encouraging champion, and my greatest
sounding board. On top of helping me chart my path to success, she’s been very
successful herself a pioneering entrepreneur in her own right.
ST: How are you celebrating this year’s
International Women’s Day?
celebrating this women’s day by hosting a painting event with my co artist friends.
We’ll celebrate women by putting our feelings on a canvas. Art liberates me.
ST: What is the most important message
you want to send out to all the women around the world on this occasion?
believe in yourself and the force will be with you.

ST: What according to you is ‘women

I wish
to create an environment where women can make independent decisions on their
personal development as well as shine more than the counterparts in an unbiased
society. This is possible once women start to understand their potential and
role in shaping a progressive society.
ST: What would you say are the main
challenges facing women at present in India?
is a very big challenge for women today. It’s very important that they live a
safe life, and feel free and confident to fight and conquer the world to
achieve their dreams.
ST: Where do you want to see yourself in
next 5 years?
In the
past five years, we have taken our brand in New Delhi to the Middle Eastern
countries and we see ourselves with a more prominent global presence. In five
years from now we see ourselves in European and American boutiques.

Prakshi Sharma, 
Creative Head & Designer, Prakshi Fine Jewellery