International Women’s Day Interview: Bhairavi Sagar, A serial entrepreneur & An offbeat traveler


Name: Bhairavi Sagar    
Age: 41
City: Mumbai, India
Occupation: Entrepreneur

ST: Please
tell us briefly about you.

41 years of living on this planet, accumulating rich experiences in
life, traveling across 50 countries, an entrepreneur with two sailing ships –
Onion Insights – a Mystery Shopping business and Voyages Overland – an
Overlanding Travel company, happily single and playing mothership to 6 furry
pets – I am Bhairavi Sagar.

ST: Who is a
woman that inspires you the most and why?

Bhairavi: I believe
that one can get inspired by the smallest person or deed if one were to have an
open mind. I would not be able to pinpoint a single person in my life who
inspired me because inspiration is something which can come from anyone and
anywhere. From the youngest child who is ready to share his meal box with five
friends to the oldest man running marathons because of sheer will! 

ST: How are
you celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day?

Yes, the 8th of March 2018 is Women’s day, but it is also a working
Thursday for me and my colleagues and all the lovely working ladies in the
world. So I’ll be at work, and doing what I do best…

ST: What is
the most important message you want to send out to all the women around the
world on this occasion?

Always have a Never Say Die attitude, regardless of how impossible the
task in front of you seems. Simply Go for it and give it your all, for if you
don’t, you would never know what you are capable of. So wake up and kick your
day into motion and never let the ‘log kya kehenge’ stop you! As also, for
every scenario in life, be prepared for the best outcome and the worst outcome…
this way, you are ready for everything that life throws at you!

ST: What
according to you is ‘women empowerment’?

When women have the confidence without any fears, and the sheer
willpower to achieve what they want to, will be the day when ‘women
empowerment’ will be seen and explained.

ST: What would
you say are the main challenges facing women at present in India? 
The safety and security issue is still a major challenge in India and
definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. While I have traveled
across 50 countries without any irrational fears, Overlanding alone in India is
still a concern for me from a safety perspective.

ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Bhairavi: Away from
urban life and this concrete jungle we live in. I see myself living in a
cottage amidst the mountains with my dogs, remotely overseeing my

Bhairavi Sagar