Growth of Health-Tech Startups Amid Lockdown


Author: Shabnum Khan, Founder,
750ad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

is indispensable and is the most important consideration specifically in times
like these. We are certainly dependent on the curative departments for health
related advises and services. Approximately 4,800 health-tech startups are
leveraging cutting-edge technologies to help fight the pandemic in India and
constantly making a shift in their approach towards adapting to approaches that
can best help us in overcoming the pandemic. Health-tech startups are
progressing and guiding others to fight in this pandemic. The country is
witnessing slow down or complete shutdown of so many businesses but despite all
this despair, a sector that is seeing an upward growth graph is the
healthcare industry.

outbreak has infected millions leaving behind a horrifying situation and
terrified people. Due to lockdown individuals have been stuck within their
homes and unable to visit their medical advisers. Hence, people are moving
towards acquiring services like online medical consultation, home visits,
online medicine delivery and hospitals reviews to have a safe experience. The
online healthcare portals have seen huge traction and the healthcare services
provided by authentic market leaders are the most trending and reliable options
to adapt to these circumstances.

Coronavirus outbreak has changed the way healthcare industries work. The
procedures have changed, and the techniques are evolving. Healthcare startups
have expanded their approaches by providing healthcare facilities and
necessities at the ease of one’s home. Services like online delivery of medical
supplies, monitoring and tracking of patient’s health via remote health
technology, hospital review program by 750AD Healthcare has helped many
patients to acquire safe and necessary medical help when needed. Remote
healthcare is crucial for individuals suffering from chronic diseases that
require a long procedure and a lot of time to get cured. This is the reason why
the entire world is now shifting to moving digital even with the healthcare

startups provide complete ease for the patients, it is a user-friendly approach
and easily accessible. These platforms create a community from all around the
world and are available 24×7. Health-tech facilitates an opportunity for
interaction, learning, and right healthcare. It has become India’s largest
sector in terms of revenue, employment and development. The doctor to patient
ratio in India is incapable of fulfilling that requirement. Many startups are
solving this problem by bringing healthcare facility to the home of patients.

with the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases and limited resources there are less
chances of medical attention in hospitals and care centres. Thus, Homecare is
the demand and need of the hour. In addition, health-techs are the only
approach to acquire as suggested in the government guidelines for lockdown, as
it is unsafe to go to hospitals physically. With this mega growth in
health-tech startups, many medical organisations are adopting digital means.
Going digital solves the motive of spending less time in hospitals rather
engage in self-care and home treatments.

has led to a turning point in medical history and modified the human potential
to successfully achieve a radiant future. Healthcare-tech startups are building
a bridge and filling gaps between the medical professionals and patients. From
collecting blood samples to delivering medical prescriptions, these healthcare
firms are just one call away from the patients. Over the coming years Health-tech
companies will become one of the strongest pillars of the medical industry.
These health-tech startups provide a wide range of facilities, like huge range
of discounts over medicines, routine checkups, liable answers to the queries
and much more. Healthcare technology is serving a platform for patients to
discover a cost effective and systematic way of treatment.

people become more contented with using health tech services, in response to
the pandemic, there will be a probable a surge in telemedicine, remote
monitoring, and home testings in the coming period. Health-tech organisations
are portraying patient-centric approach, which enhances understanding among
patients for their own health and well-being. Hence, it is very much evident
that Health-tech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Indian economy.
It is a virtual medium, taking over the real grounds. 

Shabnum Khan, Founder, 750ad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Shabnum Khan, Founder, 750ad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

(Author Shabnum
Khan is the founder of 750ad Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Views expressed in the article are of the author)

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