Gain Control of the Future with Predictive Analytics

XIUS, a leading supplier of telecom,
mobile payments technology and enterprise offerings announced the availability
of its next generation predictive analytics platform, XIUS AMPLIO. The latest
version comprises of advanced features and futuristic functionalities that will
address the growing needs of clients. Market feedback and in-depth analysis
coupled with the relentless efforts of XIUS R&D team has led to this
evolved solution that will better align to future business needs of most

Built on the company’s Predictive Data
Modeling platform, XIUS AMPLIO combines real-time analytics and the hidden
value of customer profiling to deliver enriched end-user experience. The
revamped solution will enable mobile operators and enterprises to do away with
the age-old practice of offering standard plans & packages. Service
providers will now be able to offer diverse and dynamic portfolio of services
through targeted marketing based on customer insights and needs.

XIUS AMPLIO helps in generating value
sources of customer insights to enhance customer experience and improve
monetization through continuous application of operational efficiency. By means
of this solution, XIUS offers a unique personalized engagement model that not
just targets an improvement in revenue but also reduces churn over a period of
time with sustained joint effort.

G V Kumar, CEO and Managing Director
of XIUS said, “By implementing advanced analytics, application and action,
organizations will be able to deliver richer, personalized experiences for
their consumers. We have been working with one of our clients, a global mobile
operator on the churn prediction model. Our analytics engine assessed the usage
behavior of customers and predicted, with an accuracy of over 80 percent, those
that had a high propensity to churn. With collaborative effort, mobile
operators can reduce their marketing spends significantly, in certain cases up
to 40 percent. This would allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to
target their offers only to that segment of customers certain to churn.”

From a CSP perspective, XIUS AMPLIO
facilitates to segment / micro-segment telecom customers basis defined
objective, promote cross-sell / upsell offers, deliver personalized customer
experience that enables mobile customers to move up the segments, proactively
predict and curb churn, optimize core network usage and create effective
distribution line up – all this and much more, using predictive analytics.