Bibliate Unveils New App That Creates Academic Research Summaries


Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 20, 2020 – Bibliate,
a startup founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota announced the unveiling of a new
app that provides college students and the general public with summaries of
popular academic research articles online.

Academic research is lengthy, complex,
and generally hard to understand. Through a mix of automated solutions and
subject matter experts, Bibliate’s online platform compresses research into
relatable and easy to read summaries almost anyone can understand.

Bibliate Unveils New App That Creates Academic Research Summaries
Bibliate’s app provides users with two
key features that compress the most important information from academic
research articles. Shown to save users time reading and increase overall
comprehension, Bibliate summaries empower everyday learners with the tools they
need to understand critical academic research.

Bibliate’s SUMMARY DATABASE is a
comprehensive library of over 150 summaries of academic research in key
subjects. These summaries give users an overview of a research article, an
excerpt dissecting the data, and two sections covering the original article
significance and key words.

Bibliate’s SUMMARY GENERATOR gives users
the ability to create their own summary on-demand by uploading any given
research article that is then automatically transformed into an easy to read
summary of the most important information.

To access these two features, Bibliate
provides a variety of monthly and annual subscription options. To learn more,
navigate to Bibliate’s website at https://bibliate.com/.