Interview: Rosmin Kunnathottathil, Co-Founder, The Lingerie Store

ST Bureau
New Delhi
This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview series
to mark the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’

ST: Please tell us more about yourself. 

I am
the Co-founder of The Lingerie Store, a curated lingerie portal which provides quality lingerie to women in India and around the

Prior to my entrepreneurial venture, I
have designed for a worldwide audience at Rosette Couture, Qatar, as a Designer
Manager. By spending more than 20 years in designing in different parts of the
world, I have acquired profound knowledge and analysis skills in garment trade

I have completed my post-graduation
from Pearl Academy New Delhi, in Integrated Fashion Technology, specializing in
Design, certified by the Nottingham Trent University UK and also represented
the Academy in Switzerland in a Fashion Show organized by The Swiss Export
Promotion Council.

Apart from designing, I am also
passionate about fitness and my other hobbies include baking, reading and net

Rosmin Kunnathottathil,
Co-Founder, The Lingerie Store
ST: Who is your biggest influence in life? 

My biggest influence in life is
Success. All people who have made their life successfully by relentlessly
pursuing their dreams, which have fearlessly defended their ground and rose, to
glory from meager circumstances are my heroes.

ST: What challenges do you face in your
day to day professional life, if any?

Rosmin Kunnathottathil: Life itself
is a rewarding challenge to begin with. The biggest challenge of life is to
chalk out the correct path that would get one, from the start point to where
they have marked the success line. Every step in between is marked with
pitfalls that one needs to transverse carefully along the way, in order to
reach success, successfully. 

ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years down the line?

We see TLS as part of a larger
e-store “Seraphim.com” which is a global first in its chosen category
and sales format. At Seraphim we hope to blur geographical boundaries using
technology to bring our customers closer to bespoke couture.

ST: What is your message to the readers
on ‘International Women’s Day’? 

Rosmin Kunnathottathil: “Keep
walking “. Welcome change and keep your life constantly on the move .Don’t
believe in sitting down to enjoy life. This life on earth is so vigorous that
it is best enjoyed with all the effort that you can put into it. Win over the
challenges life throws at you by constantly rediscovering yourself. The only
constant is death and we to be ALIVE till then.

The Lingerie Store (TLS) is an
exclusive online lingerie boutique, offering elegant lingerie to women for all
occasions, right from weddings, romantic getaways, to the mundane daily basics
and sportswear.

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