International Women’s Day Interview: Ritika Jatin Ahuja, Chief Operating Officer at Big Boy Toyz


Name: Ritika Jatin Ahuja

Age: 32

City: New Delhi
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer at Big Boy Toyz

ST: Please tell us briefly about

Ritika: I am, a modern
age entrepreneur with a strong aesthetic bent of mind and intellect is
presently engaged with the super exotic car destination, Big Boy Toyz.

An alumna of one of the elite schools of Delhi, Modern
School Barakhamba Road, I have done my graduation in the interior designing of
jets and yachts from the University of London.

Lifestyle and luxury are one of my strong gratifications
that have suitably led to the development of a one of a kind penchant and I
look to carry it forward by heading the Merchandise team at BBT. As the Chief
Operating Officer, my key role is to ensure that my team and I successfully
market the portfolio that we have come out with like luxury lifestyle products
but at a very affordable price.

ST: Who is the woman that inspires
you the most and why?

It undoubtedly has to be my mother. From the very beginning she has been my
pillar of strength and motivation. Helping and guiding me through my endeavors
and being a “lead by example” personality have truly been her fine and distinct
traits that has made her a revered idol for me. “When you look at your mother,
you’re looking at the purest love you’ll ever know”.

ST: How are you celebrating this
year’s International Women’s day?

A day that will be dedicated to the women workforce who have unrelentingly
contributed their heart and soul towards the “do one’s best” phenomena. A grand
occasion which is sure to evoke the go getter attitude of the leading ladies
that enables them to work towards greater challenges and up the daring quotient
for a perfect display of the inherent “stop at nothing” disposition. I’ll be
taking my little daughter Zaara to Big Boy Toyz on the very special day and
surprisingly she is already exhibiting the signs of taking up the reigns of the

ST: What is the most important
message you want to send out to all the women around the world on this

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. Never doubt on
your capabilities and potentiality to do wonders in life. It’s just the start.
So no looking back. Being ambitious and coming on strong is one side of the
coin while at the same time being humble and modest will earn you extra brownie
points on your path towards success and glory.

ST: What according to you is ‘women

Ritika: An enterprising perspective to take on new endeavors and at
the same time possessing a 21st century outlook that represents an
exit from the orthodox mindset and attitude, according to me is the real
meaning and essence of women empowerment. Emphasizing on the freewill that lets
you explore the best within you is the mantra to follow that makes you a step
closer to ushering in the modernity of present times.

ST: What would you say are the main
challenges facing women at present in India?

We should definitely work on improving the education levels, the ideologies and
thinking patterns along with a vow to set the women free from the clutches of
the old age and traditional praxis, that’s my honest opinion and two cents

Where do you want to see yourself in the
next 5 years?

My future plan by god’s grace and blessings is to make the Merchandise section
as big and successful as Big Boy Toyz. We are working hard towards it and we
hope to realize our goal eventually. The Merchandise section is like my baby
and I hope to nurture it to reach new heights and glory in the coming times.

Ritika Jatin Ahuja, 
Chief Operating
Officer at Big Boy Toyz