Affordable Award-winning business process capability for a Shopify Store



The limitations of Shopify and multiple Shopify Apps

Shopify is a
great business enabler for stores selling online, but it has limitations. It
offers great front-end ecommerce software features but it is not comprehensive
and needs other software to manage back end operations. It is not designed for growing
complexity in inventory management capability including end to end sales order management
(advanced shipping, drop shipping), managing purchase orders with vendors, integrating
POS terminals, accounting and financial reports etc.

Shopify deals
with this problem by specialized apps from another developer on its app store. There
are functionality focused Shopify apps that you can buy on their app store that
can extend Shopify far enough to add a few features with each app. While this
helps improve the mechanics of the shopping experience, it is not without the
problem of having to manage data and reports across many different standalone Shopify
apps. When an issue occurs due to juggling between multiple standalone apps,
every solution provider points the finger at everyone but themselves and you
are left with finding the missing piece in the puzzle. Most of the times there
is a disconnect between the front end of the Shopify storefront and the back
end of the amalgamation of Shopify apps managed with spreadsheets.

Affordable Award-winning business process capability for a Shopify Store

Use of Multiple Shopify Apps and Spreadsheets-solution
or a problem?

Over the years
hundreds of businesses have attempted to survive by combining Shopify, point of
sale solutions, Shopify apps and spreadsheets. According to an estimate, an
average company wastes over 10,000 dollars a year due to the manual data entry
and the use of spreadsheets. This however still doesn’t discourage spreadsheet
users due to the minimal entry cost associated with using them. In such a
store, they may already have a database of multiple inventory data spreadsheets
that can’t talk to each other and business reports that require manual efforts
to prepare- products, incoming stock, materials etc. This web of inventory and
accounting spreadsheets usually gets so complex that it becomes a nightmarish
to manage.

A more difficult
problem will occur in managing multiple standalone apps and spreadsheets. It
becomes difficult to keep track and update stock levels on Shopify in real time
and they are probably over stocking or dealing with shortages frequently.  This eventually leads to not being able to
give and honor accurate sales and delivery commitments and hence lose out on
business growth and sustenance. Such an enterprise has to deal with lost leads
and disgruntled customers as well as the eventual end of the business venture.

The limitations
especially for real time decision making becomes apparent as data is not
available in real time and reports need to be created manually after
consolidating data from multiple solutions. Mistakes are inevitably made as the
complexity and magnitude of the challenge increases.

The ideal
solution for such a store therefore is to use a comprehensive business solution
to successfully manage and grow their business. A solution in which the
components of data across functions talk to each other and easily generates
business reports in real time.

Can a comprehensive solution help?

Ideally a
comprehensive add on solution at the very least should be to deal with:

  • Inventory
    management: Knowing when to purchase, totally avoid spreadsheets, complete
    sales order management, sell on multiple sales channels, enable point of sale
  • Accounting and
    financial control with reports
  • Enables complete
    logistics and supply chain management
  • Eliminates paperwork
    and duplication of effort
  • Enables easy shipping
    and drop shipping

Why choose Versa for Ecommerce

Versa for
eCommerce is a Shopify App that gives a Shopify store the advantage of
comprehensive business capability in one solution as it grows. It leverages the
experience of the award-winning Versa Cloud ERP Standard Edition to provide
affordable and easy to use business process capability for a growing Shopify
store owner.

The Versa Cloud
ERP for E-commerce solution actually does that and much more:

  • Multi-award-winning
    business process capability
  • Easy accounting
    and financial reports
  • Easy syncing of
    product data and the Shopify store in a few clicks
  • Everything you
    need to run your Shopify business and grow to any level
  • Advanced
    Inventory management capability: warehousing, shipping, receiving across
    buying/selling, stocking, tracking
  • Easy integration
    with FedEx, UPS, USPS
  • Implementation
    in a matter of minutes
  • Comprehensive
    knowledge base and easy support
  • Can subscribe
    from anywhere via the public cloud
  • 70% discount for the first year
  • 14-day free trial-no credit card

Key Features of
the Versa for Ecommerce:

  • 3 Full Users Included
  • Unlimited Capacity.
    Suppliers/Customers. Parts/Products. BOMs/KITS. Reports/Forms. Complex Pricing
  • Multiple Warehouses and Currencies
  • Item/Product: Multiple Units of
    Measure, Multiple Units for Products, Product Variants, Complex Pricing, FIFO
    & Average Costing for Inventory valuation
  • Financial: Enhanced GL, Credit/Bank
    Cards, ACH/Direct Debit, e-Check, Bank & Card Feeds, Reconciliation.
  • AR: Batch Receipts, Deduction, Returns/Refunds,
    Sales Deposits
  • AP: 3 Way Matching, Landed Cost, Batch
    Pay, Deposits
  • Buying: Inventory Planner, Standing
    Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Returns: RMA, Returns/Refund/Credit,
    Restock, Repair/Exchange

  • Warehouse Management: Receive, Stock,
    Pick, Pack and Ship, Inventory Adjustment Inventory and Transfers
  • Inventory Reports: Multiple options

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