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Interview: Roopa Mahinder, Founder and CEO of WellBeeing

ST Bureau:

This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview series to mark the occasion of 'International Women's Day'

 Roopa Mahinder, Founder and CEO of WellBeeing
ST: Please tell us more about yourself.

Roopa Mahinder: I am a first time entrepreneur from healthcare back ground trying to establish the concept of "Integrated medicine" as an evidence based model along with a team of healthcare professionals. With 19+ years of experience in healthcare branding and marketing, was associated with reputed companies both in pharma and hospital sectors, before choosing the path of becoming an entrepreneur. Had an opportunity to get exposed to both eastern and western system of medicine quite extensively during my career. Was fascinated with the strengths of both systems that complimented each other. This encouraged me to start looking at the synergy and possibilities of how both could be offered together with a scientific outlook and strong rationale to appeal today's generation, and eventually Wellbeeing was born. Today, we have been able to touch over 20,000 lives, young and old, positively for a healthy lifestyle, especially for those with lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, thyroid, obesity, migraine, back ache, etc.

ST: Who is your biggest influence in life?

Roopa Mahinder: My Father who has been my source of inspiration personally... also to name Mr. Ravi Prasad & Mr. Vishal Bali my peers during my professional career... who have directly helped me and many others indirectly who influenced me to become what i am striving to be today.

ST: What challenges do you face in your day to day professional life, if any?

Roopa Mahinder: How to create awareness on 'Health' is just a way of life? Trying to simplify to enable people understand that health is as simple as it used to be in the past, and how age old systems of managing health on a day to day basis are best if addressed timely and appropriately. Well-being is all what we are living and striving for, but that is the only lacuna everybody seem to have.    

ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years down the line?

Roopa Mahinder: Would definitely like to see integrated medicine as a subject grow and reach many millions of people influencing them with healthier lifestyle through expanding our centers across regions. To establish an institute that offers many solutions that could reduce the long-term dependency on medicine, or taper individuals out of adverse effects of long-term medications.

ST: What is your message to the readers on ‘International Women’s Day’?

Roopa Mahinder: Continuous quest for something that you are not clear, will only allow you to introspect repeatedly till you find an answer. Our mind is so powerful that when allowed, it only explores, expands and helps execute.

There lies a sublte message in every woman if only she finds a way to unwind and explore herself. This most difficult but achievable task is necessary to understand the basic urge in us...however in today's fast paced life, we tend to have lost it somewhere. The more we silence our mind, the more clarity of thought can come which can only help us to achieve inner peace and the ability to multitask that we have naturally bestowed upon. Ladies, never give up when somebody tells you it’s just have to believe in yourself and seek for answers within.

WellBeeing is an integrated health and wellness centre for the family. WellBeeing integrates the western   (Allopathy) and the eastern medical approach (Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, etc.) and offers it to the patients based on their medical needs.

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