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Exclusive Interview: Rishu Gandhi, Co-founder and Head of Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh

Rishu Gandhi, Co-founder and Head of Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh

Rishu Gandhi - an engineering graduate left her job in Infosys to peruse her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She had the belief in herself. Her keen interest in following and learning about consumer behavior with respect to new products and innovations propelled her to start a new venture in Baby Care industry. She co-founded ‘Mother Sparsh’ with a clear motive to introduce baby care products that are gentle and non-toxic. With this thought, she launched India’s first eco-friendly water-based wipes with natural plant-derived fabric, i.e., Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes in the market.

Rishu believes that baby care market in India needs freshness in terms of products and marketing. Mothers are always keenly looking for safe and organic products for their baby’s health and well-being.

In an exclusive email interaction with StartUp Terminal; Rishu Gandhi, Co-founder and Head of Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh shares more insights about her startup and future plans.


ST: How has Mother Sparsh been able to change Babycare industry in India?

Ans. Baby care industry has shown exponential growth in last few years. Internet usage has surged with the availability of parenting related content on it. It’s high time that parents read reviews and do a thorough research on the internet prior to buying any product.

Mother Sparsh initiated its journey with innovation as its soul.  We have designed India’s first eco- friendly water wipes in a price bracket as that of regular baby wipes. Not only did we put in huge efforts in the R&D of the inception of this product, but we were extremely keen to place this product in a price bracket, that was affordable with average buying capacity, unlike other eco-friendly products which are priced high.

Our mantra for our journey is, right innovation at an effective price.

ST: What has been your journey so far?

Ans. The journey has been an enriching one, getting into baby care segment from IT needed lots of research to close on the right kind of product for the Indian market. The process of working on this has enriched me immensely; I have learnt so many new things which I never knew existed from a product and business perspective.   

ST: What prompted you to start your venture in an industry which is already dominated by big players including giant MNCs?

Ans: During my working days, I realized that many working mothers were looking for the best products for their babies. They were somewhat dissatisfied with the popular brands and their products. So looking closely at those products I was convinced that the mothers’ concerns were genuine. The product ingredients being used were not baby friendly, they were impacting the babies’ health. Hence, I decided to address these issues with the best solution in the world for Indian parents. Luckily the outcome did not just bring respite to the parents’ concerns but was even conducive to mother earth. The idea of 98% water based wipes in India is the first in line and has opened the way for many more products with similar concepts to follow. 

ST: What is your team strength? Do you have any immediate hiring plans?

Ans. We are focused on baby water wipes, our whole team works in high spirits and always has innovative ideas to that emphasize the brand’s USP to the consumer. One such creative approach to highlight the brand’s USP is the flame test that identifies the difference between synthetic & natural fabric of baby wipes which was a buzz among the moms. Yes, with further extension and expansion in our existing products, we are looking to hire 10-15 team members by the end of this year.

ST: How do you sell your products? Is it available OTC or online or any other way? What are your expansion plans?

Ans. Mother Sparsh is available at Firstcry, Amazon, Flipkart and all leading e-commerce websites. Further, we also have presence at physical counters in Rajasthan & Gujarat. At present, we are working on partnering with the companies having distribution specifically for baby products. Other than this, we have received good response from Southern Markets, So, may look at setting up a unit there. Other than that we are looking to place our products in over 1000 outlets down south in next 6 months.

ST: Do you see any challenge for startups like yours to scale up at a fast pace?

Ans. While talking about the challenges, I truly believe that one cannot rise without facing them. Creating an idea and then transforming that into a reality, is the first part of the challenge. Then came the demands to maintain its quality and availability, which was a bigger challenge. Initially, the biggest trial was to develop a strong brand identity in the target audience. And with time, meeting quality standards and then meeting those standards at new manufacturing units became a graver cause of concern. Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. We have to be very cautious about our expansion strategies, as a single misstep can deflate the whole process.

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