NewNorth Consulting Launches in The United Arab Emirates


Dubai, UAE, August 27,
2020 – NewNorth, a bespoke career, coaching and mentorship company, has
launched yesterday in the United Arab Emirates. The team who are based out of Dubai
are committed to supporting individuals and business leaders to navigate the
current landscape, which has transformed the way teams across the region are
becoming more virtual than ever before.

Founded by James
Khoury, during the early stages of COVID19, the company is committed to working
with individuals and business leaders via a number of strategic services,
including coaching, mentorship, strategic planning, talent acquisition, sales
training and corporate social responsibility in the Emirates.

New North Consulting Launches in The United Arab Emirates
Khoury, Founder & CEO, NewNorth

As a starter guide for
individuals who are looking to realign, whilst navigating a career change, New
North will work closely with an individual or company to support, mentor and
coach them through a transformational path of realigning their career. 

James Khoury, Founder
& CEO said, “Now more than ever it is important for people to take charge
of their future and make smart decisions that will have an impact on the next chapter
of their lives. This is the exact reason I decided to take action and create a
company which is a sounding board and mentorship programme for people in need
of support. My vision for the NewNorth is to support and motivate business
leaders and individuals to realign their objectives in today’s new normal and
make crucial decisions to shape their careers and businesses going forward.”

NewNorth is a career
coaching and leadership mentoring consultancy which focuses on developing
individuals and nurturing the talent of the future. The business was created as
a direct result of the pandemic due to the heightened need for career coaching
and redirection with thousands of residents being made redundant and having to
look beyond the career, they had chosen to a new future either here in the
Middle East or in their home country.