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Edu-tech company Genius Corner Raises USD 250,000 from Singapore-based Individual Investors

New Delhi, India, February 2020- Noida based Genius Corner, an Edu-tech organization that offers personalized learning programs in K-12 segment raised USD 250,000 from Individual Investors. The Singapore-based investors include Mahesh Mohta, Jyoti Arora, Nachu Subramanian and Srivats. The funds raised by Genius Corner will be utilized to on-board additional 30,000 students on the platform. The company had raised Rs 2 crore in the year 2018.
Genius Corner was started by a passionate and student-friendly team led by Vishal Khatter, Dheeraj Khatter and Dipak Varshney with the vision to redefine learning and make the process of learning personalized. Genius Corner uses AAA (Assess, Analyse and Act) framework to enable personalize learning using AI and ML.
Vishal Khatter, Co-Founder, Genius Corner
According to Vishal Khatter, Co-Founder, Genius Corner, “Genius Corner has delivered more than one million hours of personalized learning across 50,000 students”. He also added that Genius Corner has great student/parent engagement and the prime reason is that the personalized learning modules are built carrying the daily context of students learning outcome from school.
According to Mahesh Mohta, Singapore-based Investor, “Genius Corner has a unique/innovative value proposition and business model that allows them to onboard students at a much higher velocity”.
The company has primarily leveraged innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet, and data analytics to identify the pattern in the scores of the students and prepare the further specialized learning content for them which complies with the learning frameworks like Bloom’s taxonomy. It covers the needs of various kinds of learners like visual learners, kinaesthetic learners, and auditory learners.
With a desire to make an impact on Indian society and outstanding leadership abilities, Genius Corner has been working constantly to improve the performance and results of students.

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