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Thursday, November 24, 2016

TechJockey is first of its kind of online platform for Indian SMEs for their IT needs

"TechJockey is first of its kind of online platform for Indian SMEs for their IT needs", Akash Nangia, Founder, TechJockey

(Left) Akash Nangia with Arjun Mittal

ST Bureau: When did you decide to take the path of ‘entrepreneurship’? Do you remember any special incident?

Akash Nangia: Being a part of a growing & successful startup since the initial days definitely push the entrepreneurial spree, and while I working as Vice President- Corporate Sales in Zomato with brightest brains around, venturing out was always on the cards. Journey started in 2012 when I joined forces with a batchmate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, my partner- Arjun Mittal. Had learnt by then that it is always good to be your own investor and make just one feasible excel sheet. Plan was simple, SISL, the parent company was born primarily with an objective to tap numerous opportunities to change the working style in the public sector by pushing technology, In 2013, started diversifying to large enterprise customers as well along with big ticket deals that we started gunning in government.

The idea of Techjockey was always evolving in the mind since 2014, with the changing IT landscape. The world was moving towards cloud and we thought that if given a platform, now even the smaller software companies would have a chance to make some mark, if they had it in their product. Requirement was of a simple UI that doesn't make software buying/selling too complex, so we segregated the softwares as per different businesses like- hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, colleges, media houses etc.

ST Bureau: Can you briefly tell us more about your startup?

Akash Nangia: TJ is first of its kind of online platform for Indian SMEs(5-100 employees) for their IT needs. We are consulting and software selling partner who  provides industry specific solutions from 200+ software vendors. Whether it be for a new setup or an existing one, our industry experts who are veterans in handling software requirements, know the right software to fix a problem that SME cannot imagine will be faced by them in times to come. Our USPs are:

b.    Niche solutions from major verticals are available on the click of a button!
c.    Customers can compare between features/ prices/specs and make informed decision
d.    Licenses/ software’s are supplied within hours as opposed to days in traditional model
e.    Best prices guaranteed to customer as we have back to back arrangement with OEM
f.     Within 2 months we will have more than 1000 products to choose from(current 600)
g.    Our consultants are there in case customer faces any issue with products/support

ST Bureau:  Did you get any funding for your startup? Are you planning to attract funding in the near future?

Akash Nangia: There is no external funding for Techjockey as of now. Since its inception, TechJockey has acquired a lot of  SMB clients across India. We have earned revenue of above 1 Cr in a very short span of time. We will evaluate external funding in future on the basis of scalibility and growth.  

ST Bureau:  What challenges do you face in your daily professional life?

Akash Nangia: The SMB market that TJ caters to is fragmented. Most of my time is consumed in working with product and marketing team to develop the strategies to reach out to these clients and spread awareness about this unique business model. Since nobody in market has tried this business model and our business model is different from the traditional ways of selling IT products, I spend considerable time with sales team to understand the unique business needs of these clients.

ST Bureau:  How do you see yourself in next 2 years from now?

Akash Nangia: As a timeline TechJockey, the first year is currently about learnings and understanding the online space and potential customers a little better in order to cater to them as per their expectations in the second half of the year. The next year will be about delighting the customer with retention programmes (loyalty), on-site service for pre and after sales, a full feature rich app that allows easy picking of software on the go, entering into the market abroad. The 3rd year is far sight for now but we are really hoping to be the largest player that has brought together SMEs from all over India and possibly abroad too (depending on scalability & the run of first two years), by this time we want to establish ourselves as a trusted, well known international consultant that addresses IT pinch points who has all known and sought unknown brands in the domestic & international market.

ST Bureau:  What are your hobbies in your personal life?
Akash Nangia: Reading business magazines and listening to Audio books on Reado or Amazon Audible. Recently I finished biography JackMa. It’s really inspiring how  JackMa created this big online empire through the at the time when nobody  in China was using Internet.

ST Bureau:  Which is your favorite holiday destination?
Akash Nangia: New Zealand because of its natural beauty. I was on a 15 day road trip in NewZealand.

ST Bureau:  What is your most favorite gadget?

Akash Nangia: Playstation, I love playing FIFA on my PS3.

Interviewed by Startup Terminal Bureau