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Thursday, August 29, 2019

#LooTalks - an impact initiative for Urban Women

Gurugram, India, August 29, 2019- Brands4Purpose, in partnership with Volunteer4India, One Impression and Hubhopper, has initiated an impact project to aggregate diverse & powerful conversations on ‘Issues of the Urban Woman’. The initiative called #LooTalks, is a cause curated platform aimed at addressing the issues and concerns of the Urban Women.

The project name #LooTalks came from a behavioural insight (predominantly female) - 'Women consider themselves safe and free in the loo to speak out and discuss any situation that makes them uncomfortable in public places - restaurant, pub, office, malls, during travel and so on. And she opens up to speak about things with other women present in the loo, or the friend or colleague who accompanies her to the loo'. The word Loo in #LooTalks is a metaphor for safe space for women.

The project is bringing to the forefront the following key areas of conversations-

#LooTalksOnHealth: Physical and mental both, self-care and many more.
#LooTalksOnRelationships: Inter- personal, romantic, family, relatives, marriage, external family and many more
#LooTalksOnCareer: Equality at workplace, glass ceiling, mansplaining and many more.
#LooTalksOnSafety: Safe spaces, solo travel, daily commuting, eve teasing, molestation, harassment- physical and mental, and many more.

The vision of this project is to convert every space into a safe space for women through this platform by making sure that the issues currently discussed only in the loos are brought out in the open and discussed freely. This will widen the reach of those discussions and will ensure that the conversations reach out to the men as well. The insecurities, irritations with the norms, rage about the way they're treated (or mistreated) by society or patriarchy or misogyny are all discussed here openly and fearlessly. The measure of success will be when the platform becomes self-sustained and the conversations are fuelled by the responses of fellow women- making every space a 'safe space' for discussions by women.

Volunteer4India has partnered with One Impression (world’s largest influencer marketing network) and Hubhopper (India's largest Podcast platform) and is putting together an ecosystem of experts, activists, NGOs, women support groups, Social organisations, government bodies , etc. - working in each of the 4 areas of conversations to ensure the right intervention at every stage of the conversation and aid and support every outcome. The project will create an ecosystem of pop-up events, get-togethers, expert therapy sessions, guided group discussions etc. to get the conversations accessible by all.

The stories have started pouring in already and the project’s Instagram channel is active with some of these stories https://www.instagram.com/lootalks/. Hubhopper has launched a podcast series on #LooTalks https://hubhopper.com/podcast/the-lootalks-podcast/9825. The first episode is live. We have also tied up with SHEROES and have started a CHAMPIONS Page on their platform:  https://shrs.me/SIXAgZw6fY where these stories are getting published.

As part of this initiative, a group discussion on the topic 'How Mental Health Affects Career’ - was held in Gurugram, which witnessed the presence of many eminent women personalities. There will be a series of other on ground and virtual activities in the pipe line as per the available information.

“It is a powerful project to highlight conversations that need to get highlighted and to support positive and realistic action,” said Ranjoy Dey – Co-Founder & CEO of Brands4Purpose & Volunteer4India. “The importance of bringing together all stakeholders to converse and inspire on this has never been greater. We can all do better. We must do better… and based on our robust conversations, we will. We all need to understand the issues Women face and take responsibility of our actions. Our initiatives & voices can create an equal & just society.”

“LooTalks is an impactful project aimed at ensuring women have access to a safe environment. As the largest network on influencers, we at One Impression have taken it as our responsibility to empower women and allow them a platform to discuss their issues about health, relationships, career & safety” said Shreya Goel, who leads One Impact, the social-focused arm of One Impression. “Our goal at One Impact is to work on impact focused campaigns, with the objective of giving back to the society – we collaborate with organisations to promote causes through influencers”.

“It gives us immense pride to be associated with #LooTalks, discussing the issues of ‘The Urban Woman’. It is a monumental step in the right direction to bring to light the voices of women and the issues they face. It is only when such conversations are made mainstream, that we will all be a part of an equitable society. Hubhopper is proud to provide a platform to these conversations and voices in the form of audio.” - Gautam Raj Anand, CEO, Hubhopper.