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International Women's Day Interview: Sandy Samuel Jerome

Name: Sandy Samuel Jerome
Age: 33
City: Rugby, UK
Occupation: Mompreneur

ST: Please tell us briefly about you.

Sandy: Happily married to the man of my dreams, Mommy to two gorgeous children and being an entrepreneur runs in my blood. I have a vision that my family and I will help make this world a better place.

ST: Who is a woman that inspires you the most and why?

Sandy: Growing up and now being a mum myself, my mother Somey Samuel has been a women who has always been an inspired me. Her discipline, hard work, resilience, dedication, compassion & inherent strength is unmatched.

ST: How are you celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day?

Sandy: This year as it falls on a weekday, I will doing what I do best, being a Mom, a wife and the CEO of my company, juggle multiple roles and identities. As a homeschooling Mom, we will looking at a few inspirational women that have changed our world.

ST: What is the most important message you want to send out to all the women around the world on this occasion?

Sandy: It’s okay to be ‘You.’ And celebrate your uniqueness. I know loads of women that say I am just a ‘stay-at-home-mom,’ and others feel bad about working for extra income without being able to spend time with their children. Well, I think each of you should be celebrated because one way other the other you are doing the hardest and the yet the most rewarding job in the world. You are amazing! Keep at it!.

ST: What according to you is ‘women empowerment’?

Sandy: It’s very simple concept, I believe it’s enabling a woman to be everything that she is created to be and celebrating her unique role and position in the family and society and my belief is quiet contrary to the beliefs modern feminists have, the attitude that woman can be everything a man is and view the traditional role of a stay-at-home mother as inferior. 

ST: What would you say are the main challenges facing women at present in India?

Sandy: I love how women in India are following their dreams and passions and taking up various roles in society and making a difference however, over the last 5 years I have noticed that the role of a Mom has be devalued as something not as important or worth ‘her’ time and attention. If we look at most of the successful people both men and women that were and are history makers, they always credit their Moms for who they are. So I urge women to always celebrate this very special role in which you can never be replaced.

ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Sandy: God willing, as a very successful Mompreneur, where we can use the profits we make to change and transform the lives of the less fortunate and make a big difference in our society and world and most importantly we do it as a family.

Sandy Samuel Jerome

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