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Sunday, April 9, 2017

‘We solve problems for the problem solvers’ Devanshi Mota, co-founder and business development head, Kissdoodles

At 24, Devanshi Mota, co-founder and business development head of digital marketing agency Kissdoodles has experienced the highs and lows of life like few others her age. An avid traveler, a gymnastics, and Rope Mallakhamb enthusiast, we dive into conversation with this dynamic young powerhouse about the journey of a 24-year-old, self-taught entrepreneur. 
Devanshi Mota, co-founder and business development head, Kissdoodles
Devanshi Mota, co-founder and business development head, Kissdoodles

ST: What was your inspiration behind starting up a new venture?

Devanshi: You know how it is always said that you never imagine where you’re going to find your calling? That cliché held true for me. Prior to Kissdoodles, I had dabbled in a lot of things. I was working with Shiamak’s dance academy for a long time, I helped out a friend with some sales and all of that. It was during that time period, that after talking to a lot of people I managed to bag my first big client for my friend. And it was then, that he decided to tell me that he couldn’t do this anymore! By that time, I had already accepted an amount from the client, mind you, this was a huge client that we’re talking about and I was trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t refuse the client anymore as I was entitled to give her what she had paid me for, and that’s when I decided to suck it up and learned how to make a website overnight and that my friend, is how the wheels began rolling.

ST: Please tell us more about Kissdoodles.

Devanshi: Kissdoodles is fundamentally a web-designing firm, although we do offer services like social media management, content writing, e-commerce, influencer’s marketing and strategizing too. We have worked with clients from India, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and California. We’re garnering a lot of interest from the international market, so we’re looking to foray into that. 

ST: What business opportunities do you see particularly in your sector- Digital Marketing?

Devanshi:  In today’s day and age; you make a website for your company, you legitimize it.  The traditional ways of marketing your company through other forms of media like television or newspapers, for example, are nowhere as effective as using the internet now. It is important to be present and to be relevant, and there is no faster and more convenient platform than the internet to get through to people. The world is changing and we have to change along with it. For example, if you take online shopping. Who would prefer driving down to a mall and standing in a long queue over sitting at home comfortably in your pajamas browsing a catalog? 

ST: How has your entrepreneurship journey been so far?

Devanshi: Like any worthwhile journey, it has been challenging as well as rewarding. Coming from a non-entrepreneurial background, there were many obstacles to face as I’ve had to learn everything on my own. Also, as my academic background has nothing to do with web-designing, it was complex and scary at times, but it also helped me become confident about myself. If there’s something I’ve taken away from all this, it’s that skills are achievable, hunger isn’t.

ST: As an entrepreneur, what challenges do you face in your day to day professional life, if any?

Devanshi: Web designing is a lengthy process, so over a period of time, the customer begins to lose interest. Convincing the customer to provide us with his attention and steady input is sometimes a challenging job. We need to assure him that the project is moving in the right direction as fast as it can, to retain his faith in us. Also since we are a team, we face a lot of varying ideas and opinion clashes. There are so many brilliant ideas, it’s difficult to choose! So to channel our differences in a way that is most beneficial to the final product proves to a little difficult at times.

Also, since I’m not from an entrepreneurial background, it was a challenge initially to pitch myself to potential clients. I had to learn to speak the language of the customer. I’ve learned a lot from every professional experience I’ve had through Kissdoodles, and that has helped boost my self-confidence.  


ST:  How big is your team? Are you looking to hire?

Devanshi: Currently, we are a team of 8-10 people and yes, I am most definitely looking to hire. I believe my team to be the backbone to Kissdoodles, and I would love to expand.

ST: What are your future plans?

Devanshi: I believe that this is the generation of millennials. We want to be known as the team of millennials who give you the craziest, yet most brilliant solutions and marketing techniques. I want to create a work culture where my teammates get to work every day with gusto, happiness, and satisfaction; a work culture which compels people to come up with solutions that are out of the box and still at the end of the day is all virtual. We want to try looking for solutions to all the current challenges this industry is facing, so we're looking for ways to fast forward the web designing process to make it more fun and quick. Apart from that, we're also thinking about certain projects considering the farmers and working class of India, since we believe it is vital to the country's progress. 

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