Interview: Aneesha Dalal, Master Instructor and Principal Dancer at The SHIAMAK Dance Academy - Startup Terminal

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interview: Aneesha Dalal, Master Instructor and Principal Dancer at The SHIAMAK Dance Academy

This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview series to mark the occasion of 'International Women's Day'

ST: Please tell us more about yourself.

Aneesha Dalal: In my early teens, I joined Shiamak’sdance classes as a beginner student. I completed the One Year Dance Certification Program and became a part of his Dance Company. From there on, there was no looking back. Rom Dil Toh Pagal Hai which was the first movie I performed in to every film choreographed by Shiamak since then; teaching dance classes in multiple cities and training stars, performing with Shiamak in shows and musicals; I didn’t even realize when I completed 22 years of dancing professionally with Shiamak!

Aneesha Dalal Shiamak Dance Academy
Aneesha Dalal
ST: Who is your biggest influence in life?

Aneesha Dalal: My parents who’ve constantly supported me and Shiamak who became my mentor from the day I entered his studio.

ST: What challenges do you face in your day to day professional life, if any?

Aneesha Dalal: To be honest I haven’t faced any challenge because I always look at them as an opportunity to learn. My parents have been very supportive of me following my passion and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My only passion is to dance and very early on I found a mentor in Shiamak who made the entire journey so easy and smooth. Every day I learn and teach, so I’ve been truly blessed.

ST: What is your message to the readers on ‘International Women’s Day’?

Aneesha Dalal: Every day is Women’s Day! We don’t need a special day to remind everyone of how we need to be treated 'specially'. Each day is a day to respect yourself, and to know that you have your own mind and soul; and you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

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