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Friday, February 17, 2017

ScoopWhoop announces the launch of ScoopWhoop Pulse

ScoopWhoop, India’s youth media network announces the launch of ScoopWhoop Pulse, a dashboard that gives viewers and brands real-time insight into the stories, ideas and topics that Indian youth are reading & talking about.

Speaking about the launch, Meghana Bhat, Chief Strategy Officer, ScoopWhoop Media says, “With ScoopWhoop Pulse, brands can discover what content in the category excites young people & use that information to uncover new consumer insights. It's also useful to compare your own content effort with what's trending, analyze what you are doing right & what you need to change. It’s a sample of the rich data that our brand solutions team has always-on access to. Using data tools such as Pulse, coupled with our editorial strength, our branded content team delivers solutions that are both highly creative & effective”

ScoopWhoop Pulse creates real-time lists across this data which brands can use to find top content across age, city and interests such as entertainment, sports, life, travel etc.

ScoopWhoop receives over 30mn visitors per month & has the attention and engagement of young India.

Link for accessing ScoopWhoop Pulse:

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