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'My passion for North-East India region is what keeps me going'- Sange Tsering, Founder and Guide, Holiday Scout

Being passionate and love for travelling was the real motivation for Arunachal Pradesh based Sange Tsering to start an own venture in travel and tourism. Within few years of its operation, Sange’s venture ‘Holiday Scout’ started getting recognition from travelers not only in India, but from other parts of the world.

Holiday Scout is offering customized day tours in Northeast India.  The company offers guided treks in the pristine wilderness, nature walks, insider takes on monastic festivals, tribal village markets, local cuisines and much more. Founder and guide Sange from Bomdila, in Arunachal Pradesh will hand-pick the gems of your personal itinerary and string them together in a once-in-a lifetime experience.

According to Sange, ‘My passion for this region is what keeps me going. I want the world to know what a wonderful place North East India is. I want to change the perception people have regarding this region. This is what drives me on.’

Sange Tsering, Founder, Holiday Scout

In an exclusive interview with Startup Terminal, Sange Tsering tells more about his startup:


ST: When did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Sange Tsering: Back when I was in primary school I already sensed that I would become an entrepreneur. With entrepreneurship comes tremendous freedom. I realized that my creativity was simply not cut out for the limitations of corporate life. There’s a lot of hype about having a flexible lifestyle but the truth about entrepreneurship is that you’re going to work really hard and really long. As the old adage goes, entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. It is hard work but with that effort comes the ability to shape your life how you see fit.

Moreover, I am passionate about travel and the North-East states of India. The exploration of this region and doing work that changes the region as a whole is something that drives me in this endeavor.

ST: Why did you select travel & tourism industry for your start-up?

Sange Tsering: Since childhood I have had a love for travel. Tourism provides opportunities to share the unique and special features of a region with travelers and, when carried out responsibly, can also aid conservation efforts. This is the thing I am most passionate about. Tourism allows me to meet people from all walks of life. It's a mutually broadening experience.

Also, my uncle, Mr. Tsering Wange, who is a pioneer in travel and tourism in the region, has been my inspiration. His zeal in the field motivated me as well.

ST: How has been the journey so far?

Sange Tsering: We are relatively new in this field. However, the journey so far has been wonderful, almost magical. I have met people from all around the world, each of them amazing in their own right. Because of them I have had the privilege of learning many things about different cultures, and about life in general. I am happy that my efforts are being appreciated.

The journey never ends and I am sure that wonderful things await Holiday Scout in the future.

ST: What are the services do you offer at present?

Sange Tsering: At present, we offer a host of services including eco-tours, adventure tours and heritage tours. Our main focus is on showcasing the natural beauty and culture of the region and on bringing the things we love about North East India closer to travelers from around the world.

ST: Did you face any challenge in your entrepreneurship journey?

Sange Tsering: In the beginning, like every other entrepreneur, I faced some challenges. Since I started from scratch, it was not an easy task to set up a base. I didn't have a network yet and for the first few months, there were no clients. But with time, as word spread, I started making connections and quickly grasped the basics of this industry.

However difficult that phase might have been, it proved to be invaluable and life-changing. I cherish those days as they taught me a lot and put my perseverance to the test.

ST: What keeps you going?

Sange Tsering: My passion for this region is what keeps me going. I want the world to know what a wonderful place North East India is. I want to change the perception people have regarding this region. This is what drives me on.

I want to do my bit to preserve and showcase the natural beauty of North East India and the amazing culture of the region for the world to behold.

I think when someone is that passionate about something then there is nothing in the world that can stop them from doing it.

ST: What are your plans for next 2 years?

Sange Tsering: My immediate plans are to make people more aware about the region. I am planning to introduce a host of travel activities which, at present, are not available in the region.

I also plan to create opportunities for the locals of the region. My plan is to include those areas which are yet unexplored, but which deserves to be on every vacationer's wish-list.

The next 2 years, or maybe 3, are going to be busy. I am looking forward to this challenge.

ST:  What are your hobbies?

Sange Tsering: Travel. Yes, you heard it right. Travelling is my number one hobby. Apart from that, I like listening to music and going on long drives. I also enjoy photography.

ST:  What is your favorite holiday destination?

Sange Tsering: Tawang, Ziro Valley and Menchuka are the three places that top my list of favorite holiday destinations. However, every place in this world is worth visiting, at least once.

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