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HR tech firm Hush raises a fresh round of funding

Ashutosh Dabral (L) and Umesh Joshi (R), Co-founders of Hush

New Delhi, India, November 29, 2018 - Hush, employee-focused HR tech firm, raised a fresh round of funding on the back of an unexpected growth in user acceptance of their platform. Emerging as the go-to workplace app for employees from over 300 companies, Hush has also gained a higher number of employees within each company ‘cohorts’. Existing investors, Accel, Shamik Sharma (Business Head at Curefit), and an angel investor participated in the round. Additionally, the company has added Nikhil Raj, Co-Founder of, to their advisory board.

The fresh raise will strengthen the brand’s growth narrative and help them reach out to a wider audience through the introduction of cutting-edge technology. Ranging from career advice to various internal discussions, the platform has seen a wide range of use cases over the course of time. With the inclusion of new-age tech, Hush looks to create more features for employees to have access to.

At present, a user spends an average of 10 minutes per day on the app. Moving forward, Hush predicts the platform will onboard an additional 1000 companies within a year. The company has also observed an uptick in the usage of their platform’s newly-launched modules ‘Salary Data’ and ‘Career Advice.’
“One of our key responsibilities at Hush is to deliver authentic data to employees about various organisations so as to help them take better career decisions. The app is also helping employees voice their opinions anonymously about issues that they are facing in corporates, which provides valuable insights to employers and helps them take important business decisions,” Ashutosh Dabral, Co-Founder of Hush commented.

Dabral added, “We are extremely thrilled to have received support from Accel as it adds a lot of credibility to our existing business model. Excited with the increased demand from our consumers, our fresh raise is focused on expanding our technology to include a wider range of audiences with more use cases. The expanded capital base will also help us build better features, expand the team, and develop the platform’s user base.”

Hush began as a workplace discussion app for employees in September 2017. Now, it is on the path to become a platform that can be a companion throughout an employee’s career and help them move to the next level. In October 2018, they launched their new website that aims to be an authentic source of information about a company, including details such as salary levels, data culture descriptions.

Hush entered the market to tackle the growing need for employees to express their real opinions, discuss pressing concerns, and pose difficult questions on topics that are important to them on a common platform. As a lot of discussions on the platform were about salary levels and career growth, Hush launched the new modules on their website to better address user needs. The Hush platform now has communities from 300+ companies and reliable salary data for 700+ companies sourced from employees, HR professionals, and recruitment consultants. The company is also building a large scale machine learning model to predict salary levels and help people evaluate what salary they will be able to get based on their skill levels. It also provides career advice to employees via a network of experts.

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