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Video Interview: Julian Lee, Founder & CEO, AMBI LABS

Startup Terminal interviewed Julian Lee, Founder & CEO, AMBI LABS during ConnecTechAsia 2018 held at Singapore from June 26-28, 2018. The largest tech event in South East Asia- ConnecTechAsia draws attention from all over the world and attracts large number of attendees.

Julian Lee, Founder & CEO, AMBI LABS
Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI enabled smart air conditioner accessory. Air conditioners today only control for temperature alone, but many other factors affect your comfort - things like humidity, sunlight in the room, changing weather outside, and even your daily metabolic cycle. All you need to do is indicate via our app if you’re hot, cold, or comfortable, and our AI will analyze the data collected through the Ambi Climate sensors to learn how these various factors impact your comfort. It will then automatically adjust your AC to keep you more comfortable and help you save energy.

Julian shares more insights about his startup in the exclusive video interview.  

You can watch the full interview here: 

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