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Interview: Sudha Mathew, Founder, Seek and Hide

ST Bureau
This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview series to mark the occasion of 'International Women's Day'

ST: Please tell us more about yourself.

Sudha Mathew: Brought up in different parts of India courtesy my father's transferable banking job, this moving around the country sowed the seeds for my passion aka travel. When I quit my banking job in the most sought after MNC bank to start a business my family was startled, to say the least. I was the first one in my family to start a business across the past two generations.  But after the initial shock, they have been a great support.

 Sudha Mathew,
Founder, Seek and Hide
ST: Who is your biggest influence in life?

Sudha Mathew: My parents for inculcating a strong work ethic and unshakeable integrity in whatever I do.

ST: What challenges do you face in your day to day professional life, if any?

Sudha Mathew: The challenges in my professional life are having to juggle work and home. I have a small child so I'm conscious that I can't work long hours like I did earlier. Though I don't have my parents or in-laws near, I'm lucky to have a very supportive husband and good help.

ST: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years down the line?

Sudha Mathew: In 5 years, I would like seek&hide to be the first name of recall for all discerning travelers wanting to explore India. I'm passionate about preserving and showcasing India's heritage, both architectural and cultural. So I also hope to build partnerships with other people and institutions working in this area.

ST: What is your message to the readers on ‘International Women’s Day’?

Sudha Mathew: Do your homework before plunging into the world of entrepreneurship but once you do, dive in the deep end and give it your all. You need to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship as the results take time to come so be sure to choose something that you love doing irrespective of the money.

Seek and Hide is a customised travel planner portal for an prodigious experience. The highly customized and tailor-made itineraries factor in all the little things that make your vacation special. With individually designed preferences (hills or ocean, cities or hidden getaways, family fun or intimate honeymoon), your budget and familiarity levels with the destination, each vacation is an exquisite experience that creates happy memories for the discerning traveler.

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